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Should You Rent Or Buy In Toronto?

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. In Toronto’s insanely busy real estate market and its soaring prices, many people are having hard time affording the purchase of a condo. And since the situation is becoming even more acute as the prices [...]

Top Places in Ontario to Invest in Real Estate

Toronto is overcrowded, which leads homebuyers and investors alike to turn outwards and seek greener fields on which to graze their dollars. The real estate markets in the wider GTA and farther outside are also in constant motion and it takes an extra careful examination [...]

Condo or House: Which is the Better Investment?

Whether you’re an investor or a buyer that seeks to reside in the new place, one of the questions is what do you buy, the main choice being between a condo and a house. There is no one clear cut answer to satisfy all buyers, [...]

Top 5 Toronto Neighborhoods For Investment

The new realities in the Canadian real estate market spell a change for Toronto home buyers and investors alike. The changes for those two groups are opposite however. The new rules created a certain slump in the real estate market’s growth, making certain investments far [...]

Uses For The Condo Den

Uses For The Condo Den In the perpetual struggle between costs and living space, the condo den has emerged as the rising middle-ground solution between one less room and a far more expensive condo unit. The problem with a den is that it both is [...]

Behind The Scenes Of The Foreign Homebuyer Data

One of the things that got everyone’s attention recently is the new foreign investor tax, better known as the Ontario Fair Housing Plan, and its influence on the Canadian real estate market. The plan was put in place to favour Canadian homebuyers that were outbid [...]
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