Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in the understanding that the market is more than so many buyers and sellers looking for each other. There are many opportunities of different kinds, including investment properties, builder projects, luxury dwellings and more. It is our knowledge of the market and its major players that provides the edge which makes us one of the leading boutique real estate agencies in the Greater Toronto Area.


The first thing we do is to assess our client’s needs and goals. If you are a seller, we work out a 360 degree strategy that includes a thorough assessment of the property, determining its optimal listing price, deciding on the strategy and everything else that would make it a success. If you are a buyer, we will assess your needs, budget, traveling limits and proceed to look for properties that suit all those criteria.


For sellers, once the property is listed and buyers start flocking to it, we prepare for negotiations, qualifying buyers and make sure the paperwork is all in order. For buyers, we arrange home viewings, assess the properties in more detail on the spot, and provide valuable advice on how to approach it.


The sale and closing. Once all the detail is confirmed and the sale price is finalized, we assist you with making absolutely certain everything is in perfect order when the transfer of ownership is conducted. Once that’s done, we can also assist with additional concerns such as moving services and other things you may require.

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If you are looking for exceptional services from a boutique agency that supplies extraordinary solutions to your needs, Elina Katkova is your best choice. Feel free to call us now and we will do our very best to accommodate your next real estate endeavour.


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