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Uses For The Condo Den

Uses For The Condo Den

In the perpetual struggle between costs and living space, the condo den has emerged as the rising middle-ground solution between one less room and a far more expensive condo unit.

The problem with a den is that it both is and is’t really a room. We knew that of course, but you’d be surprised how many new buyers move into a place with a den and realize they have no idea what to use it for. None whatsoever.

It gets more complicated by the fact that some dens tend to be too narrow, too small, too inaccessible and too.. well, other things that make it even harder to put to good use. Almost to the point of making one wonder as to what was the builder thinking when they were planning that den at all.

If you are one of the not-entirely-happy condo dwellers that got the den option on their hands, don’t worry! Here are five cool ideas that will make your den the envy of every visiting friend.

The Library Den

If you are a book lover and have a den, what other place is better for housing your favourite literature collection? Books can line the walls in neat little rows in a shallow shelving unit, taking hardly any floor space at all. This leaves you with enough room for a comfy couch and - in a nice little touch some like to add - a minibar and wine glass case. Throw in an area rug and cozy lamp and you have a perfectly luxurious reading spot.

Pet Bedroom

If your little furry friend is a family member, why not give them their own room? Cat or dog, they can have a bed, a box with chew toys, their feeding area and even litter box nicely tucked away in the den, out of everyone’s sight and for their ultimate comfort.

Arts and Crafts Room

Setting up a space for creative activity in the den for you or your kids can be great. Sewing, painting, designing - the den is usually big enough to accommodate those activities with ease. This way the crafty person gets their own space to toy with their tools and brushes, and those tools and brushes don’t end up liberally scattered all over the rest of the condo.

Mini Nursery

New parents like to set up a nursery in a separate room, but does a toddler really need all that space? The den can be a perfect solution for this need. When they grow up and it’s time to get a room all to themselves, the den can serve just as well as a toy playground.

Laundry / Utility Room

Not exactly the most perfect use for the den, but while there is the laundry closed, most condos have little or no space for where to fold, iron and fix clothes. You can put the steam iron there as well as shelves for suits and winter garments, saving space in the rest of the place.

If you like those ideas or like to know more, stay with us!

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